FlexSolar 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kit review – The power of the sun in the palm of your hand


By Joe Porletto / April 27, 2022 / Reviews / Solar, solar charger  REVIEW – As my collection of portable batteries and power packs grows, the need for cheap (or free) electricity to keep them topped off increases as well. To avoid forking over my paycheck to Seattle City Light each month I’ve been looking for an effective solar...

CleanTechnica Tested: FlexSolar 200 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel Kit


By Kyle Field Published May 24, 2022 Creating electricity from the sun is an amazing thing and as the cost of solar panels continue to fall, they are able to serve in more and more scenarios. FlexSolar has built up a range of portable solar solutions to fit a wide range of...

FlexSolar 200W Briefcase Solar Panel Review: Charge All Your Batteries, on the Go


BY TINA SIEBER PUBLISHED MAY 02, 2022 Jump start your summer vacation. FlexSolar 200W Briefcase Solar Panel SEE ON FLEXSOLAR The FlexSolar 200W briefcase solar panel consists of two connected 100W panels that use monocrystalline cells. The included cables feature standard connectors. A pre-mounted solar charge controller optionally lets you charge...