What Makes A Good Portable Solar Panel?


Electricity is a must in outdoor activities as mobile phones, cameras, tablets, and a variety of other devices require electricity. You may use a power bank to charge the devices in a short trip. However, the power supply can be a headache if you are in a remote place during long journeys. When you run out of battery, there is no way for you to connect to the world, not to mention make other plans. This is where a portable solar panel comes in because as long as there is sun, you don’t have to worry about the power issue.


What is a portable solar panel?

The solar panel is a device using sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. When talking about solar panels, the first thing that comes to your mind might be those solar roofs installed on houses. A portable one, however, as the name suggested, could be easily carried around thanks to its lightweight and compact design. It can provide a supply of electricity when the power source is not available.

Figure 1: Portable solar panel for outdoor trips


What makes a good portable solar panel?

The market is filled with portable solar panels with varying classifications and specifications. Before choosing the right one, it is important to know what features are attributed to a good portable solar panel. Let’s look at those features in detail.



A good portable solar panel should be made of durable materials that can withstand a lot of wear and tear without getting damaged too quickly over time. FLEXSOLAR E series portable solar panels are coated with EVA film, an IP67-certified waterproof material, which offers high durability and performance for the panels and make them resistant to water, dusk, and high temperatures. They are the ideal choice for unpredictable conditions and harsh environments.

Figure 2: Composition of a solar panel



For outdoor activities, especially for long treks, the size and weight of a solar panel are important factors for consideration. Generally speaking, the weight of a solar panel is inversely related to the power output. The more power it outputs, the bigger the solar panels are designed with more solar cells and thus are much heavier. FLEXSOLAR makes a balance between mighty solar charging power and ultra-portability. Depending on the power, our portable solar panel contains different numbers of panels, all of which can be folded into a compact rectangle with handles and fit into your backpack. For instance, the 40W portable solar panel we provide is 8.0x 11.1x 1.8 inches when folded with only 2.86lbs(1.3kg) in weight. 2 Carabiners are included in the package so you can attach the solar panel to your backpack for easy sun absorption while charging your devices on the go.


High Efficiency

A solar panel’s efficiency measures how well it converts solar energy into electricity. The solar panels in FLEXSOLAR are 24% efficient at their maximum under full sunlight. It is a significant feature that differentiates FLEXSOLAR from other manufacturers. They produce more power per square foot of surface so you can get the best value and performance out of your portable solar panel. What’s more, the built-in IC can detect the connected devices and deliver the charge at the fastest possible speed, which also helps to maximize the charging efficiency.


Wide Compatibility

Solar panels come in varying performance specifications, but what matters most is the compatibility between your device and the panel itself. Otherwise, it is not helpful even with other perfect diameters. Equipped with USB(3.0), PD Type-C, and DC three charging ports, the 40W solar panel from FLEXSOLAR can charge almost any electronic device with 12V in sunlight, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and small-capacity portable power stations. The wide compatibility makes it able to plug in various devices and meet your charging needs outdoors.

Figure 3: Compatibility of FLEXSOLAR 40W portable solar panel


Bottom line

Running out of battery always puts you in a sticky situation. That’s why a convenient device that keeps your electronics charged becomes important for your off-rid trip. If you enjoy camping, backpacking, and hiking, the FLEXSOLAR 40W portable solar panel could be the perfect option for you. Bring one with you on your next outdoor adventures to make your devices well-powered for comfort and security. 

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