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EMERGENCY POWER - FlexSolar G100 100 WATT Briefcase Solar Panel Kit - It's EXCELLENT!

Yoyo Wu

Built for life on the go, the FLEXSOLAR 100W Briefcase Solar Panel Kit delivers reliable power for your outdoor adventures. Geared to mobile living, work and off-grid recreation, this versatile 100W solar briefcase charger keeps you connected. Premium monocrystalline solar cells offer a high conversion efficiency of up to 22%...

FlexSolar 200w Briefcase Solar Panel Review

Yoyo Wu

The FlexSolar 200w Briefcase solar panel makes life much easier when it comes to having portable solar. Using common connections like SAE and built-in legs to adjust the angle, you can take this solar panel anywhere and have it work for you.

Testing a FLEXSOLAR 200 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel - Charging Portable Power Station

Yoyo Wu

In this video I connect a 200 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel from @FlexSolar to a portable power station to test its charing capabilities. I like this briefcase panel because it packs a lot of power into one unit that will easily fit in the van, and it also includes three...