FlexSolar 200W Solar Briefcase Packs for Off-Grid and Mobile Living


FlexSolar has developed a foldable, portable PV briefcase kit with a charge controller and connection cables.


FlexSolar, a PV company in Austin, Texas, provides solutions for off-grid, travel, and recreational vehicles. It is known for its foldable solar modules, which can be propped up on the go for electricity supply wherever there is sun.

One such portable product from FlexSolar is its 200 W briefcase, which comes with two modules attached by a hinge, a kickstand to prop up the array, and a handle for easy carrying. Included with the portable modules is a 10 A, 12/24 V solar charge controller, as well as necessary connection cables.

The 200 W panel charges everyday items rated 12 V or below. Users can connect and charge a smartphone, tablet, laptops, cooler, car battery, etc. If charging a 24 V device, the kit may require an MPPT (maximum power point tracking) controller, said FlexSolar.

The monocrystalline modules have a combined output of 200 W, an open-circuit voltage of 22.8 V, and a rated module efficiency of 21.5%. The water-resistant kit is rated to operate between -40 F to 180 F. The product weighs 38.6 lbs, including the junction box, and unfolded it measures 55.2 inches x 36.5 inches x 1.3 inches. The kit comes out to a price per watt of about $1.85.

The charge controller is equipped with an LED display with adjustable modes and parameters, dual USB outputs and overcharge and overload protection for charging batteries. The briefcase features an intelligent chip for automatically identifying connected devices, optimizing output current to supply the fastest possible charging speed.

The product is warranted for two years. FlexSolar also builds a more portable 100 W briefcase, which weighs 23.2 lbs and has the same maximum power voltage as the 200 W model.

Also built by FlexSolar are several models of highly portable modules linked by numerous hinges for high adaptability. The devices are aimed at charging small USB devices and are small enough to be packed in a day backpack on a hike. There are two-module, 10 W models, three-module 15 W models, and 6-module 40 W models with USB and DC charging ports.

And for RV owners, the company sells 100 W and 200 W kits made-ready to be integrated with the vehicle. The kits are compatible with most 12V batteries (Lead-acid, Gel) and portable power stations (Lithium, LiFePO4).

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