Portable Solar Chargers

Just Plug to Charge with USB Output

Backpack-friendly portable solar panel chargers feature integrated regular 5V USB, QC3.0 USB, or USB Type-C ports. Made to directly charge iPhones, Android smartphones, power bank, or USB Type-C devices when you are hiking, hunting, and backpacking.

Just plug into the integrated USB or Type-C port to charge. Automatically detect the connected devices and the LED light show the charging status.

Made in EFTE lamination to be flexible and last longer than regular small solar panels. Portable to carry, simple to use, and durable to last longer than your expectation. 

Watch How FlexSolar® EFTE Solar Panels Were Quality Build

Compare the Specifications and Charging Time

10W Solar Charger15W Solar Charger40W Solar Charger
Charging PortSingle USB PortSingle USB Port1 USB Port, 1 Type-C Port, 1 DC port
Output PowerMax 5V/2A (10W)Max 5V/3A (15W)USB QC3.0: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (18W);
DC: 19V/2.1A (40W)
Type-C PD: 40W 
What It ChargesPhones, headlamps, 
USB light, fan, etc.
Phones, headlamps,
 USB light, fan, etc.
Phones, headlamps, USB light, fan, 
Type-C devices, small power stations.
Weight10.6 ounces (0.3 kg)15.9 ounces (0.45 kg)45.9 ounces (1.3 kg)
Folded Size7.6*8.8*0.7 in
7.8*8.8*0.7 in
8.0*11.1*1.8 in
Solar Structure2 Mono solar folds3 Mono solar folds6 Mono solar folds
TechnologyEFTE lamination, flexibleEFTE lamination, flexibleEFTE lamination, flexible

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