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Mighty Solar Charge On The Go

Unlimited Solar Charge For Your Outdoor Recreations.

Solar power generates everywhere, it is free and eco-friendy. Why don't use solar products for your outdoor recreations? At FLEXSOLAR, we make our solar products lineup foldable, portable and powerful.

To provide most tailored solar products for different outdoor activities, FLEXSOLAR offers three main solar product series. Check out the following collections to learn more, or choose the one in each list that made for you.

Flexible Solar Chargers

Flexible Solar Chargers

FlexSolar portable USB solar chargers feature USB, USB QC 3.0, Type-C PD, and DC ports. Made for charging iPhone, cellphones & USB charging devices. 

With a foldable slim design and carabiners attached, the portable solar chargers are backpack friendly, easy to carry when you are hiking, hunting, and camping.

10W Flexible Solar Charger

15W Flexible Solar Charger

40W Flexible Solar Charger

Best for charging:

Speakers, Cameras, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Power banks...

Foldable Solar Panels

Foldable Solar Panels

Mighty and durable solar you can reply on when you are off the grid during long trips. FlexSolar foldable solar panels are made to charge laptops, inverter batteries, and portable power stations. 

With multiple charging ports, foldable design, and integrated carry-bag, the solar panels are ideals for overlanding, road trips & RV living.

60W Foldable Solar Panel

100W Foldable Solar Panel

120W Foldable Solar Panel

Best for charging:

Laptops, Portable Power stations, Coolers...

Briefcase Solar Panels

Briefcase Solar Panels

FlexSolar briefcase solar panels provide the greatest durability than other series. They are foldable, stable with inbuilt kickstands. 

With a high conversion efficiency of up to 22% and multiple ports charging, these mountable solar panels are built for road trips, overlanding, and RV living.

100W Briefcase Solar Panel

200W Briefcase Solar Panel

Best for charging:

Laptops, Portable Power stations, Coolers, RV...

What do our customers say?

A great beginning!

'A great and easy plug and play solar panel! Easily charges all my small devices and slim enough to be stored on the side my of car. Handle is sturdy and allows for easy movement. Hooks make it easy to tie off and suspend from tents.'

Works awesome!

'It's a solid little device, super light designed to last, rugged and durable... it got a lot of abuse with the kids in the woods, took a few hard drops as well, amazed by its endurance. Extreme value! Strongly recommended!!.'

Doesn't find what you want? Stay tuned for deals and updates!

Custom Smart Solar Solutions

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. At FLEXSOLAR, we are passionate about designing solar products that bring light to your everyday adventures. Our versatile lineup of renewable energy products continues to grow as we explore new technologies and the mobile living needs of our customers.

We got custom solar panels and smart solar solutions for street light, RV charging and LoT. Do you have any requirement for custom smart solar products? Reach and we'd love to collaborate with you. We make your idea a reality.

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