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about flexsolar
about flexsolar

FlexSolar® is a renewable solar energy brand registered in US, and based in Austin, TX. We are a solar solution provider. We are committed to design, produce and deliver high quality solar panel chargers and solar charging systems.

Here at FlexSolar®, our DNA is to always move forward, to never settle on the present, and to always look for better solutions. We currently own 30 core patents and have more pending.  

We envision one world, under one sun, in which solar solutions provide a brighter future for all. 

Solar Power For All Your Outdoor Adventures

At FlexSolar®, we believe in moving sustainable living forward. Passionate about smart energy solutions that work, our reliable solar products bring mobile living, off-grid power and outdoor recreation to life.

Delivering flexible, portable and highly efficient renewable energy products to power all your travels, our solar solutions make off-grid living a reality. Whether you're heading out on the open road in your RV, venturing off trail or setting up a family campsite, our solar products keep you plugged in, even when you're far from home. For outdoor lovers who don't see limits, we harness the power of the sun with versatile portable solar products that generate smart energy for your on-the-go life.


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Solar Solutions for Outdoor Lifestyles

At FlexSolar®, we are always innovating to deliver off-grid solar solutions that meet the needs of outdoor life and improve the mobile living experience. With attention to quality, efficiency and portability, our products have the toughness to keep up with outdoor adventurers and the flexibility to adapt to life on the road, campsite or trails. Our versatile range of products charge everything from your smartphone and laptop to your RV and car, so you can explore the world without limits.

High-Quality OEM/ODM Capabilities

FlexSolar® products are created with mobile living, working and recreation in mind. We deliver innovative, off-grid solar solutions that meet the needs of outdoor life and improve the mobile living experience. Our reliable solar products feature cutting-edge technologies backed by a stringent quality control system and manufacturing processes. We manufacture both OEM and ODM certified products, depending on your business needs. 

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You can easily reach out to us by email, call or connect us on social media.

Email: support@flexsolarenergy.com
Cell: 1-800-620-1249

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