EMERGENCY POWER - FlexSolar G100 100 WATT Briefcase Solar Panel Kit - It's EXCELLENT!


Built for life on the go, the FlexSolar® 100W Briefcase Solar Panel Kit delivers reliable power for your outdoor adventures. Geared to mobile living, work and off-grid recreation, this versatile 100W solar briefcase charger keeps you connected. Premium monocrystalline solar cells offer a high conversion efficiency of up to 22% to keep you powered up.

The solar panel charges multiple devices at once, from your laptop to your cooler, while optimized charging automatically provides the fastest charging speed. When the G100 is coupled with the included 20A PWM solar charge controller, you get the additional battery charging capabilities for your boat, RV or car. Sporting rugged construction, it's made from industrial-strength materials and features an IP65 rated water-resistant and dust-proof junction box.

Ideal for camping, your RV, off-trail excursions or during power outages, the 100W briefcase solar harnesses the sun to energize your off-grid adventures.

Maximize Charging with Multiple Ports

The G100 solar panel's built-in junction box with SAE port lets you connect and charge multiple devices at once like your smartphone, power station and cooler. Use it with the included PWM solar charge controller to safely charge your RV, boat or car battery and go off-grid with confidence.

Optimized Charging for Outdoor Adventurers

This portable power supply features an intelligent chip that automatically identifies connected devices. Its optimized charging technology adjusts output current to provide the fastest possible charging speed, so you can stay connected wherever life takes you.

Powerful Solar Charge Controller 

The PWM solar charge controller works with your G100 to charge the battery on your RV, boat, trailer and more. Select and recharge lead-acid (Flood, AGM, Gel) or Lithium-ion batteries. Features include an LED display with adjustable modes and parameters, a dual USB output and safety overcharge and overload protection.

Energy-Efficient Power for Outdoor Life

Designed to efficiently convert solar energy into electric energy, the monocrystalline solar panel lets you power your gear and devices with confidence. The panel's premium solar cells feature a high conversion efficiency of up to 22%, so you’re prepared for outdoor life and unexpected power outages.

Built for All Weather Conditions

Ideal for off-grid adventurers, the G100 solar panel is made from industrial-strength glass and features a corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum kickstand for long-lasting durability. Water-resistant and dustproof with an IP65 rated junction box, this solar panel is built to withstand unpredictable weather conditions.

Easy-to-Use Foldable Portable Solar Panel

Transport and set up the G100 foldable solar panel with ease. The unique, briefcase-style design is equipped with clasps to secure it shut and a handle for easy carrying. A sturdy, built-in kickstand ensures the solar panel sits securely on a flat surface for optimal sun intake.

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